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The NordicTrack s15i is one of our Best Exercise Bikes in 2020. We have rated it our Best Bike for Home Use. The s15i has a 15” touchscreen with wide bevel that houses quick touch buttons for both resistance and incline. This bike has a motor on the rear stabilizer that creates a -10% decline to +20% incline. The s15i features 22 digital resistance levels with manual controls for both on the extension grips. With a fantastic sticker price and lots of great tech, this is a phenomenal buy! We highly recommend the s15i.

Bike Features

Innovative Design Creates +20% Incline to -10% Decline
The +20% incline to -10% decline is a revolutionary feature on a spin bike. A motor on the rear stabilizer and motorized arm under the pedal crank lift and tilt the bike to simulate outdoor grades.

The combination of this incline feature in addition to 22 levels of magnetic resistance makes the s15i as close as you can get to outdoor riding.
This feature also significantly increases training variables as you can now combine resistance, speed and incline to create greater climbing challenges.

Magnetic Resistance is Silent and Digitally Regulated with 22 Levels
Magnetic resistance is silent and digitally calibrated. It does not cause wear on the flywheel.

Specific resistance translates into more accurate wattage stats and allows the rider to always find the same resistance at the same setting.
Resistance can be adjusted manually on the handlebar controls or on the touchscreen.

When using an iFit or onboard program, the resistance will automatically adjust for you. Manual controls override automated controls when needed.

Incline and Resistance controls on Console, Handlebar Extension Grips, and Touchscreen
In addition to the QuickTouch controls on the extension grips, you can easily manipulate resistance and incline on the large 15” touchscreen. QuickTouch controls for resistance are on the right side of the screen and controls for incline are on the left. Comparatively, the larger screen on the S22i does not have QuickTouch controls on the touchscreen bevel — the screen is larger so these preset controls are eliminated. Personally, I like having the numbered controls visible on the screen.

iFit is included free for the first year
iFit enhances the overall experience on the s15i. It includes a database of over 16,000 different workouts including both classes and outdoor rides that are constantly updated. iFit is included free the first year and then it is $15/month for one profile or $33/month for up to four profiles. You need a WiFi connection to run iFit.

3-Adjustment Points to find the right fit
The seat can be adjusted forward or aft via the carriage knob. To find the best fit, set the span between the tip of the saddle and the horizontal handlebar grip about a forearm’s length. Rider may increase this span if desired, but don’t decrease it less than that — pulling the seat too close to the handlebars will bring your knees out of alignment and too close to the front of the bike. Knees should be in line with the midline of your forward foot when pedaling.

The saddle stem moves up and down. Saddle should be about hip height when you are standing next to the bike. The stem post is angled back on the s15i so when you raise the stem, it will move the saddle back slightly. This increases the span between the saddle and handlebars and keeps body position aligned so taller riders’ knees are directly over the pedals. If your knees jut forward during riding, extending past the midline of the foot, it can produce unwanted knee tension.

Handlebar adjustment up or down on the handlebar post knob. Handlebars should be roughly the same height as your saddle. Set an appropriate saddle height first and then adjust the handlebars to match. More experienced riders can set the handlebars lower, decreasing torso angle, but this is per rider comfort. Do not set handlebars so low that your diaphragm is restricted.

All adjustment areas (seat post, carriage, and handlebar post) are clearly marked with orange inch measurements so you can find the right position each time.

Bike has a compact footprint and wheels for moving
The NordicTrack s15i Studio Cycle is just 61” high and 56” long. It also has front-mounted wheels so you can pivot and move it out of the way when needed. It is a great training option that takes up considerably less space than a home treadmill…(read more)

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