NordicTrack Grand Tour Exercise Bike Review

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The Grand Tour Pro is in one of our top exercise bikes. This is an upright bike similar to the Grand Tour Pro with a few minor differences that keep the price low. The Grand Tour features a 7” HD touchscreen (rather than 10” on the Pro), offers 32 onboard programs (instead of 35) and 24 resistance levels (rather than 26). The Grand Tour is iFit compatible, includes the innovative +10% Incline and -10% Decline feature, and offers tech found on more expensive bikes at an attractive price-point.

Some of our favorite features include:

7” HD Touchscreen
The 7” touchscreen on the Grand Tour has crisp graphics and high resolution. The screen keeps you interested and engaged. It positioned directly in the line of vision without encroaching on a rider’s headspace.

iFit compatible
iFit is NordicTrack’s signature program that offers over 16,000 different workouts led by personal trainers. On the Grand Tour, you can join a studio-based cycling class and ride alongside other cyclists — or you can select from any number of gorgeous outdoor routes filmed all over the world. iFit provides a myriad of interesting and abundant training options.

+10% Incline to -10% Decline
A motor on the rear stabilizer lifts and tilts the bike to simulate outdoor grades. The combination of incline and 24 levels of magnetic resistance makes it feel as close as you can get to outdoor riding. This feature also significantly increases training variables.

Magnetic Resistance
Magnets oppose the motion of the flywheel to create frictionless resistance.

Magnetic resistance is silent and easily regulated electronically through preset resistance levels. It does not cause wear on the flywheel.

Digital Resistance Controls
Digital resistance is calibrated and consistent. Many cycling bikes still use friction resistance that is adjusted via a tension knob. One problem with this type of resistance is the tension is variable and hard to calculate.

Digital resistance allows riders to find and achieve the same level of resistance each time on each level.

Four different controls for incline and resistance
QuickTouch preset buttons on the console flank the screen. Resistance is on the right with Incline on the left.

Manual +, – buttons on the extension grips are easy to reach.
Additional +,- large buttons sit at the bottom of the console.

Touchscreen controls also allow riders to increase or decrease resistance and incline

Four points of adjustment with large knobs
Horizontal saddle adjustment (via seat knob)
Vertical saddle adjustment (via carriage knob)
Vertical handlebar/console adjustment (via stem knob)
Horizontal handlebar adjustment

Comfortable Seat
The wide, well-designed seat on the Grand Tour is a welcome addition for those looking to be comfortable while they ride. This seat provides both support and padding.

Wide, ergonomic pedals
Extra-wide flat pedals with adjustable straps will keep your feet in position. Straps also allow you to “pull up” at the top of the pedal stroke, engaging glutes and hamstrings, so you get more out of the full pedal rotation…(read more)

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