NordicTrack Commercial S22i Exercise Bike Review

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The NordicTrack s22i is an innovative studio bike that brings the outdoors to you! With a 20% incline and 10% decline, this bike tilts and pivots to match the real terrain of your ride. A 22” touchscreen on the front of the bike is full color and iFit comes free for the first year, which means you can enjoy over 16,000 workouts both on and off the bike! One thing we love about iFit is the extensive outdoor routes that are filmed all over the world. You can go mountain biking through New Zealand or take a lovely city ride through Germany. All routes are filmed with a trainer on a bike ahead of you, directing and instructing you as you ride. You get to see the actual geography and often pass real people along the way! The s22i is unmatched in its ability to bring you engaging outdoor adventures that you can enjoy right at home.

The s22i has 24 digital resistance levels via silent magnetic resistance. When you add the challenge of incline or decline, it makes these levels even more expansive. Riding at level 12 on a flat grade is noticeably easier than riding at level 12 headed up a 15% grade! That will torch your legs in no time! The s22i provides abundant training options.

The expansive iFit content has studio classes for HIIT, speed work, intervals and endurance. All studio classes are led by a personal trainer who sets you resistance and incline. The automated controls in iFit make it so you can ride hands-free and the bike will automatically adjust for you per the class format or the outdoor terrain. We love this feature!

The s22i is a great option for at-home training because it is quiet and doesn’t take up much space in your home. Two wheels under the front stabilizer make it so you can lift and roll the bike as needed. But this is a great option for indoor training because you will feel like you’re outdoors!

The pedals on the x22i are flat with cages so you can wear any athletic shoe. Pedals can also be swapped out for a clipless Shimano or SPD pedal if desired. The saddle is a narrow racing seat, but it is padded for comfort. The bike has several adjustment points. You can lift/lower the saddle as well as slide it forward and aft. The handlebars also raise and lower via the handlebar stem knob. This allows riders of all sizes to find the right fit.

The gorgeous 22” touchscreen brings the whole experience to life. Much of the functionality of the console is navigated in the touchscreen which cleans up the console. All incline and decline settings and resistance levels can be managed in the touchscreen. There is also a fan and speakers in the console, both of which are easy to use…(read more)

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