05 Oct Next Big Star Stripped Away for Being Gay with Jonathan George Posted at 04:30h in Podcast by Natalie Jill Next Big Star Stripped Away for Being Gay with Jonathan George

Jonathan George Builds Rock Star Brands! He  is known as “The Human Hitmaker” because of his ability to see people’s untapped potential, his methods to pull that potential to the surface, and his ability to cultivate it into greatness.

But who he is TODAY is not who he always was! Growing up as a gay male, in texas, he never felt good enough. Bullied, picked on, and teased for his creative side confused him. With a father who was a pastor, he was taught to fit in a box and hide who he really was. Right before his gifts and talents and music were about to take off in a BIG way,  the industry he loved so much found out he was gay and they dropped him.

Devastated, but NOT defeated, Jonathon pivoted his passion into purpose and now helps OTHERS create their rockstar brands.

TODAY Jonathon has fully leveled up! As CEO of JG Entertainment, he has spent the past 20 years creating ROCKSTAR brands for celebrities, entrepreneurs, and influencers with over 150 million online followers.

Join in today and learn exactly how Jonathan George leveled up and created…

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