The ultimate power-based Indoor Cycle and program redefines how instructors perform and how exercisers experience indoor cycling in the studio and on the cardio floor. The final achievement was something much greater – making fitness more colorful.

The award-winning IC7 is the most advanced indoor cycle ever designed. Its pioneering design and functionality are due largely to an innovative two-stage drivetrain. Freed of the large center pulley characteristic of traditional bike design, the IC7 brings a lower, sleeker profile to the studio or cardio floor. Improvements, aren‘t limited to aesthetics. The two-stage drivetrain enables the market’s most accurate (+/-1% deviation) WattRate® Direct Power Meter, 100-level precision magnetic resistance, 1:11 ratio high-speed flywheel, and an unrivaled connection to the ride thanks to the tactile and responsive hybrid Poly-V and tooth belt technology. The bike’s performance metrics are delivered to the rider via the re-engineered WattRate® TFT Computer 2.0 – a fully self-powered computer that vividly displays the user‘s WattRate® power or heart rate to them and their coach in five colored zones. The bike improves an athlete’s performance while capturing an artistry that communicates with the exerciser…(read more)

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