Neighborhood Heroes: Rob Arellano, Descanso Restaurant

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To overcome the catastrophic coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic at hand, it’s important to recognize the positives. One beacon is selfless service. Countless acts by organizations and individuals alike are minimizing the lasting damage. This hard work isn’t only done by the ER doctors, nurses, and first responders constituting our last line of defense. It’s also the good Samaritans doing thankless work next door. We raise our glasses to all the local heroes on the front lines—from all the hospital workers to the grocery stockers, postal workers, small business owners, plus those delivering goods to the elderly and at-risk, #weoweyoudrink.

Social Media Posts That’ll Warm Your Heart Amid the COVID-19 Pandemic

In this installment, we connected with the owner of Descanso Restaurant in Orange County, CA, Rob Arellano. Having its doors open for 2 years now, the restaurant has quickly become a popular staple in the community as its own local “Modern Taqueria.” However, with the global pandemic right now, businesses have been reeling, and many restaurants have been forced to adapt to a new business model, or close their…

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