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The MYX II Exercise Bike and MYXFitness were acquired by the popular fitness platform, Beachbody, earlier this year. You can now use 2 fitness subscription apps, Openfit and BODi, on the MYX II, so you have a lot of classes, both live and on-demand, programs, as well as nutrition content to choose from. The MYX II bike is now also referred to as the Beachbody bike.

This review focuses on Openfit and its features. Overall, the classes on the MYX II bike are tailored to work for you and your fitness level, and the instructors have you focus on your rate of perceived exertion and what heart rate zone you should be in versus making them a competitive experience like Peloton and Echelon Fit classes.

There are plenty of classes on and off the bike, as well as programs like Andrea Roger’s Xtend Barre and XB Pilates and Get Strong with Kelsey Heenan, so you can get a wide variety of workouts in.

Currently, live classes are only available for off-the-bike classes through the Openfit app. Openfit is planning on offering live classes on the MYX II, and they plan on utilizing the 8-mega pixel camera on the 12.5” touchscreen.

Like the original MYX bike, the MYX II utilizes heart rate training in the classes and it comes with a Polar OH1 heart rate monitor to track your heart rate. You can now also use your Apple Watch and connect it through Bluetooth to use it as a monitor as well.

The MYX II Plus package comes with a stabilizer mat, exercise mat, foam roller, resistance band, 3 sets of dumbbells, and a kettlebell so you can make the MYX II more like a complete home gym, rather than just a bike. The 21.5” touchscreen swivels 360 degrees to make taking classes of the bike easier too.

The Beachbody bike is the same as the original MYX bike in construction, so it features the same Star Trac Bike, but now with the added speed sensor you can see your cadence, speed, and distance on the MYX II.

We recommend the MYX II if you are looking to incorporate heart rate training in your workouts, and if you’d rather compete with yourself than other riders. So, if you get motivated by a leaderboard just be aware that this bike doesn’t feature one. The MYX II is an affordable option if you are looking for a bike with subscription content that can also be a gym. The weight sizes will work for some, but not all, especially if you prefer to lift heavier weights. So just keep this in mind.

The MYX II also uses friction resistance which can’t be measured, so your metrics like watts and resistance level won’t be displayed on the screen. If you’re taller or shorter, the MYX II has wide reach and leg span ranges as well as 4 adjustment points that accommodate well if you fall in that category.

With the 2 subscription app options, you’ll have even more classes to choose from, and if you love Beachbody and want to get into cycling, you should check out the Beachbody bike.

Our team here at Treadmill Review Guru, enjoyed the MYX II and if you’re looking for a home exercise bike that has subscription content and can also be used as a gym, check out the MYX II Exercise Bike.

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12:20 – Conclusion

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