MYX II Bike REVIEW – Is the new MYX Fitness BeachBody Bike worth $1399?

MYX II Bike:
The MYX Fitness Bike recently released version 2 of their indoor exercise bike and named it the MYX II bike. In this video I show you around the MYX II and what it’s all about. The chapters are listed so you can skip around or view the particular content you’re looking for in this MYX II review.
The MYX II can be used with either OpenFit or Bodi from BeachBody, but you can’t run the Peloton app on the MYX fitness tablet. I don’t think you can use Netflix on the MYX bike either at this time.
I didn’t get a chance to use MYX II with bodi by beachbody yet, but i’ll be spending some time on that platform in the coming weeks and report back.

0:00 start
3:05 pedals
4:00 the brand
5:17 resistance difference
8:40 noise
9:55 max weight, height
11:00 adjustability
13:00 metrics
14:50 q factor
15:22 speakers
16:40 starting a ride
17:36 drive train thoughts
18:39 how myx bike is different
20:20 high resistance feel
23:40 medium resistance
24:28 openfit glance
25:55 summary..(read more)

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