MYX Fitness Exercise Bike Review

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The MYX Bike has a 22” touchscreen, a compact footprint and quiet friction resistance. This new bike is a welcome addition to the market with two color options, inexpensive app ($29/month), and affordable price tag with a great accessory package! The touchscreen is impressively clear and there are lots of class options. The bike also has four adjustment points including a forward/back handlebar adjustment for those who need more headroom. Most bikes with touchscreens do not have this option. Let’s dive into what the MYX bike has to offer, including what we love and don’t love.

Who It’s For: Cyclists who want functional indoor training on an affordable studio cycle

If you want customized training that uses your heart rate as a training tool, the MYX bike is a good option. This bike is well-suited for those who:

Want interactive programming for a reasonable price
Are okay with friction resistance (rather than magnetic resistance)
Want something smooth and streamlined but also simple
Desire both cycling and off-bike strength training classes
Want something Peloton-esque but are willing to opt for an alternative
Desire the benefits of low-impact cycling
Need workout equipment that is compact and quiet

The MYX Fitness bike is a well-built exercise bike that is affordable, relatively quiet and provides the full library of training content. This bike is a good option for anyone who wants something inexpensive, comfortable and low-impact. Since it doesn’t take up much space, the MYX bike is a good choice for anyone who lives in an apartment or other shared space and wants something compact. MYX offers both cycling classes, and off-bike classes such as strength training, stretching and yoga so it can be used for full body conditioning. If you want to avoid the gym, exercise on your own time and in the comfort of your own home, the MYX bike is a great place to start. Take a look at the MYX bike today if you are in the market for a tech-enabled bike that is reasonably priced but has similar functionality to the Peloton or NordicTrack exercise bikes…(read more)

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