MYX Fitness Exercise Bike Review (Updated 2021) – Is It THAT Good?

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Hi and welcome back, and in this video, I’m bringing you my updated review of the MYX Fitness Bike. You’ll find everything from the MYX Fitness system and how I’m liking it after using it consistently over the past few months.

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Review – 0:19
Is the MYX Fitness Bike Good – 0:24
MYX Bike Specs – 0:39
-Adjustability – 0:46
-MYX Bike Resistance – 1:38
-Pedals – 2:21
-MYX Fitness Bike Screen – 2:52
-Look and feel of the bike – 3:23
Packages: MYX vs MYX Plus – 3:57
MYX app, programming, classes – 5:28
Heart Rate Zones – 6:30
Inside The MYX fitness app – 8:06
🤐 Is The MYX Bike Quiet? – 10:49
Showing a myxfitness class – 11:31
Music and Volume Controls – 13:24
Final Words – 14:00

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I cover everything you need to know about MYX in this video, but here are a few of the highlights and the things that make the MYX system so good:

-Affordable (best bang for your buck!)
-Sleek design and comfortable ride
-Dual link pedals (no need for cycling shoes!)
-Premium quality equipment included
-21.5” HD swiveling touchscreen
-Access to MYX programming which includes hundreds of on-demand workouts
-Heart rate zone tracking for personalized workouts
-Control volume of instructor and music separately
-Different playlists each time you take a class
-Awesome instructors who will motivate and excite you to workout!

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