MYX Fitness Exercise Bike: is it worth it? 5 Things You Must Know Before You Buy

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5 Reasons Why MYX Fitness is worth it!

Welcome back again, and, in this video I’m answering the question “Is the myx fitness bike worth it?” I started getting these questions lately and I felt inspired to create a video to show everyone out there what they need to know before they purchase one.

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So, Is the MYX fitness exercise bike (and PLUS model) worth it?
I’ll show you 5 things you NEED to know BEFORE you buy.
See the answer below:

#1: It’s an all-in-one workout system (cross-training and hundreds of on-demand workouts)
#2: You can upgrade to the Plus and get all the equipment you need (dumbbells, kettlebell, mat, foam roller)
#3: he screen rotates for optimal viewing off the bike
#4: They value working out your body AND your mind through positive coaching
#5: You get data-driven results based on your personalized heart rate zones – helping you train smarter & most efficiently

Bottom line: if you are looking for a cost effective exercise spin bike that is as close to a Peloton as possible, then MYX is the best choice for you.

Want to see MYX vs Peloton? Watch that faceoff between two excellent brands below:

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