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Comparing the STRYDE smart bike versus the MYX FITNESS exercise bike – which one fits your fitness personality?

There’s been a lot of buzz around the Stryde exercise spin bike and the MYX Fitness (and plus model) bikes, so we are putting them both in the RING and the battle between these two connected indoor cycling machines starts right now!

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๐Ÿ†š 5 Key differences and similarities combined:

Best For
MYX: Those who want a complete home workout system
STRYDE: Those who want to experience all kinds of cycling workouts

MYX: 21.5โ€ HD Swivel Screen
STRYDE: 22โ€ fixed screen

MYX: Trainer-led, on-demand workouts for mind & body (cycling & cross-training)
STRYDE: Trainer-led, live & on-demand from five of the top studios around the country

Equipment included?
MYX: Yes, with the MYX Plus (dumbbells, kettlebell, mat, roller)

MYX: $1,299
STRYDE: $1,750

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