My Canada – My Canyon | Lionel Sanders

He’s the most successful man in Canadian triathlon. And he’s laser focused on one goal: victory in Hawaii.

With his 2nd place finish in 2017, Sanders has already had a taste of Kona glory. And anyone familiar with Sanders’ mentality will know the setbacks he suffered in 2018 and 2019 will only motivate him more. Because he knows he has what it takes to cross the famous finish line at Alii Drive first and write his name into the history books as a Triathlon World Champion.

Everything else pales in comparison with his World Championship intentions. On his Speedmax CFR, he smashes out interval after interval at home in his ‘pain cave’. He even does his training camps in Kona to get fully in tune with the island’s climate and conditions. Because he knows one thing for sure: to deliver the goods on the biggest stage, you have to crack your own personal Kona code. Nowhere else can turn an athlete’s most carefully laid plans on their head. Can make your body perform so unpredictably. Can turn every race into an adventure into the unknown. To win the greatest prize in world triathlon, Sanders has to pull out a perfect performance in the extreme conditions of Hawaii to take his dream and turn it into a reality.

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