Mountain Biking for Beginners ► The Ultimate Guide

Mountain biking is breathing in the smell of a quiet forest. It’s the tough love of navigating your front wheel over roots and rocks up a steep climb. Mountain biking is the failure to wipe the grin off your face as you fly down a trail.

Are you interested yet? Great. Because this is Mountain biking for beginners.

Mountain Biking for Beginners: Best Mountainbike? 

Mountain biking beginners can feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of mountain bikes out there. There are several different types of mountain bikes, each suited to another discipline of riding. Questions mountain biking beginners often have are: how much suspension, which frame material, frame geometry, fit, price and a few thousand other things. 

Here’s a general breakdown of bike types and how they are suited to get beginners rolling:

Trail Mountain Bikes for Beginners

This is probably where most beginners will start their mountain bike journey. These bikes are built to tackle trails (often referred to as “singletrack”), handle some drops and jumps, feature front suspension and probably rear suspension, and place the rider in a more upright position compared to a cross-country race bike (XC). 

Trail mountain bikes are great for beginners because they allow…

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