More Training Motivation with Partner Workouts

Everyone has their own favorite way to work out. Some like to go it alone, so they can completely focus on their training or clear their head. Others enjoy working out with their partner or friends, where the mutual motivation really makes them push themselves. 

We think training together is more fun – so try these home workout exercises and get sweaty!

Partner workouts: 6 Reasons to Work Out TogetherYour warm up should be a regular part of your training routine, but many people neglect to do it. When you work out together, you can motivate each other to do it. Exercise 1 (star toe touches) is a great way to loosen up your body.You don’t necessarily have to be at the same fitness level. Many exercises have an easy and a hard version. Get creative! We’ll show you a variation like this in exercise 2 (high side plank lift). Push each other: some friendly competition can motivate you to do more than you think you can. Test your endurance with exercise 3 (high knees).Another bonus of working out together is that you can correct each other’s form. Stand across from each other, like in exercise 4 (Russian twist) and make sure that the exercises are being performed correctly and in a controlled manner.  You don’t have to…

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