Metatarsalgia to Frostbite: 6 Trail Running Injuries

Are you ready to break out of your comfort zone and give trail running a try? Or perhaps you’ve already been bitten by the off-road running bug and had to deal with some of the common hazards of wilderness running. 

Running on different surfaces can add great variety to your routine, but it also has its risks. You’re putting your body under a different kind of stress and strain – especially when you first get started. 

We’ve put together the 6 most common trail running injuries to be aware of, plus treatment tips to help you get back on your feet.

6 Common Trail Running Injuries + Treatment Tips1. Metatarsalgia

Metatarsalgia is a common overuse injury for all runners. It is often described as feeling like there’s a pebble in your shoe under the ball of your foot. The condition is caused by inflammation of the metatarsals, which are the bones in the ball of your foot that form your arch and connect to your toes. Inflammation can be the result of recurring pounding or jumping, trauma to the area, or simply the way your feet are built. If you suffer from bunions or hammer toes, you’re more likely to experience metatarsalgia at some point. 

Treatment Tips

Stay off your feet and ice the affected area. Stretching your calf…

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