Meet Women in Leadership Positions at Runtastic

By Shona Mulligan, Talent Scout at Runtastic with the help of some wonderful women at Runtastic

As a team, we are the sum of our parts. We see ourselves as a strong international team that works hard to cultivate an inclusive environment. Since we are so proud of our talented, creative, and innovative team, we want the rest of the world to get to know us too! We have created an Employee Spotlight blog series, where people from all over the world can get up close and personal with some of us Runtastics.In our first Employee Spotlight blog, we get to know a handful of the women in leadership positions at Runtastic and hear about their opinions and challenges on being a woman in leadership.

“Who run the world…Girls!” This famous quote from a Beyoncé song kicked off our last blog post dedicated to women in leadership and, while I will always be a Beyoncé fan, I believe we need a diverse and inclusive team, made up of a range of genders, ages, nationalities, experiences, skills, opinions, and talent in order to properly run the world, I mean, Runtastic!

Representation is Key

While currently at Runtastic 26% of leadership positions are held by women, only 12% of these are international women. As you will most likely notice, the…

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