MAMIL Cycling : Nordictrack Studio s10i 2021 indoor exercise bike Product Review

MAMIL Cycling : Nordictrack Studio s10i 2021 indoor exercise bike Product Review

A while ago I did a short video review of the Nordictrack Studio S10i studio bike (the entry-level bike in the Studio range that also include the s15i and the s22i) and this video is an update and new review since a fair amount has changed from a software standpoint in the last 15 months or so.

The Studio range of bikes are generally compared against Peloton but I believe that this is missing the fundamental differentiators that exist with the NordicTrack Studio / iFit combination that include:

1) Trainer-led outdoor rides covering both road and mountain biking disciplines
2) Automatic resistance and incline from the trainer (with the ability to over-ride if you want to)
3) Incline / Decline front fork for more immersive climbing and descending experience
4) Built-in fan (often overlooked)

I this video I have tried to give a real sense of the Nordictrack Studio bike / iFit combination experience – and don’t worry, you don’t have to watch me ride a whole ride. I’ve edited that out for you.
A couple of side-point I noticed after I shot the video.
1) The fan noise is not that bad, at all. The mics on the Max 360 camera are picking it up and amplifying it.
2) You might hear clicking as I am riding during the warm-up and warm-down. The bike is generally silent and I didn’t even notice this whilst I was riding. This seems to happen when resistance is low and I am spinning out – and the mics are amplifying it way out of proportion. There’s no issue with the bike which runs near silently.

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