Today’s video is a review of the Magene G801 Smart Spin Bike, available on their site for $899. This bike is bluetooth enabled and can connect to their own app called “Onelap”, allowing you to ride via your own Avatar in a simulated world environment. This gives a unique, video-game like feel that hopefully will motivate you throughout your workout. This bike weighs 66 pounds with a 15 pound fully-enclosed flywheel. It has a belt drive with electromagnetic resistance (same as the Peloton), meaning magnets adjust the resistance versus a felt pad on a friction resistance bike. It has resistance levels of 1-100, and an electronic screen that displays power, speed, and cadence.

Magene G801 Spin Bike $899
Product Details:

– Smart spin bike can be connected to a variety of cycling training software, such as own app Onelap, or even 3rd party apps such as Zwift
– 100 level high-end electromagnetic resistance system
– Belt drive, fixed gear transmission mechanism
– Relatively light weight bike, net weight of 66 lbs.
– Flywheel weighs 15 lbs
– Electronic screen with a bluetooth display
– Data displays power, speed, cadence
– Mobile phone holder and tablet holder with “adhesives”
– Pedals with toe cages
– Two wheels on the front end so you can easily move it
– Saddle height and handlebar height are adjusted via their self-designated patented quick clamp, which can be accurate to the millimeter level
– Flywheel is fully enclosed, can stop at the touch of a button to provide extra safe training

Company Background
– Established in 2015, along with spin bikes, Magene sells Bike trainers, bike computers, heart rate sensors, speed/cadence sensors and power meters
– 2 spin bike options, OneLap G601 Gaming Power Exercise Bike for $549 and the OneLap G801 Smart Power Spin Bike for $899

Comment Below:
What are your thoughts? Do you think it’s worth it for the price? I love that this bike is magnetic resistance – I find it to be smooth even for “out of the saddle” or the standing up portions of a ride.

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