Loctek Desk Exercise Bike Foldable Upright Cycling Home Office Use with Table laptop Red

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My Written Review
Welcome to Mer Product Reviews! If you would like me to review your product, contact me at [email protected]

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My Written Review
I love this bike! It is versatile, easy to use and stores up so compactly. It is high quality and well made. It can be both your typical exercise bike and a desk/workspace in one. Most people have difficulty finding time to exercise and I appreciate exercise equipment so much that makes it possible for you to multi-task with your workout. You can use a laptop on this, prop up a Kindle, tablet or smart phone or lay out books on the table top.

The assembly was very easy. The main piece came intact and what did need to be put together was simple. The instructions and setup were very well thought out and organized, which I really appreciate. There was no guess work whatsoever, everything was clearly labeled. With one person putting ours together it was done in under 45 minutes, and done only with the tools provided.

It is small and compact but really has some weight to it because it is made of quality material. I am so pleasantly impressed with the high quality. The seat is comfortable with extra cushions in the back and the backrest is great for leaning back and holding onto the side handle bars. The front handles have monitors on the underside to track your heart rate. The straps on the pedals are easy and simple to adjust and the seat height adjusts easily as well. You can control the resistance on the pedals while you are sitting on it.

This snaps on easily and securely with 4 clips that slip onto your front handle bars. The surface is plastic with plenty of air holes underneath so that you can use your laptop on this for a long period of time without any overheating. There are groves on to top and bottom that will hold your tablet, kindle, ect. And prop it up right. There are even rubber grips for wrists rests! You can work on this, read on this, surf the internet- anything. There is also a cup holder that clips onto the front of the desk so that you can stay conveniently hydrated. If I had one wish for this bike (and really this is the only thing I would change) it would be that this cup holder was able to clip onto the rear handles as well so it doesn’t always have to be right in the center.

Without the Desk:
The desk table top pops off and your digital screen flips up into place- it is really cool. The functions include:
• Timer
• Speed
• Distance
• Calories burned
• Odometer
• Pulse/heart rate
• Scan feature allows you to scan through those different functions
Sensors under the handles track your hearts rate. It really has everything that I could want in a regular exercise bike, plus the ability to use as a work station. This bike folds up small and is easily wheeled around. You could use this in your home, office, home office, bedroom- anywhere! It is easy to wheel around but the heavy steel that it is made out of does give it some significant weight.

I love this bike so much. I love the focus on making time for exercise and getting some movement and cardio while sitting and working. It is terrific and I am going to be biking constantly with this piece of equipment. This is one home gym piece that will not sit vacant gather dust! If I could give this more than 5 stars, I would. I am so pleased with this purchase. Disclaimer: I received this product at a discounted rate in exchange for my honest opinion…(read more)

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