LifeSpan R5i Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

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The LifeSpan R5i is a comfortable recumbent bike that is great for riders who want to sit while exercising. It has a low, step-through frame design that is easy to get on and off. It also has elevated armrests, which is different from other recumbent bike. The armrests keep you in proper position for proper ergonomics while riding. This bike allows you to ride comfortably for extended periods without discomfort or fatigue so you can exercise comfortably during your favorite TV program, the news or even a movie. You can even read while sitting on the R5i.

Some of our favorite features include:

16 Resistance Levels
The R5i features 16 digitally set resistance levels so you can find the same level of resistance each time. Levels are easily adjusted on the console

Silent Magnetic Resistance
LifeSpan uses eddy-current silent resistance so the bike makes no noise when riding. You can watch the news, listen to music or pedal in a room with others and the bike won’t disturb those around you

Easy step-thru frame
The step-thru frame is low to the ground so users of all abilities can easily get on and off the bike. This even works for those who may need to transition from a wheelchair as the height is comparable. The armrests provide added support.

Battery operated console
Simply begin pedaling and the console will turn on! Once you install the batteries the first time, sensors will automatically start the LCD screen whenever the pedals move. No need to plug it in or turn on a power button.

Max User Weight: 400lbs
The bike will support up to 400lbs so it is well suited for most users. The wide padded seat also provides extra width as needed.

Bike weight: 146lbs
While the bike supports 400lbs, it only weighs 146lbs, so you can move it when needed. There are two wheels under the front stabilizer so you can tilt and roll the bike.

34 preset programs
The R5i comes preloaded with 34 programs that are good for weight loss, fitness and rehabilitation conditioning

Contact heart rate sensors located on the armrests
Unlike other recumbent bikes, the R5i has elevated armrests that enable a more ergonomic upright position and keep your spine in alignment as you ride. There are also contact heart rate sensors on the ends of the armrests.

Frame: Lifetime
Parts: 5 Years
Labor: 1 Year..(read more)

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