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The Ride CX exercise bike from Life Fitness is a really comfortable bike with solid construction and it has some really cool features.

We like that it has a battery-powered console that doesn’t require wifi or an electrical outlet. It also doesn’t require a monthly subscription fee to use it. You can simply select the quick start mode and ride. Your metrics like cadence, watt output, resistance level, speed in mph, and more are shown the screen.

The Ride CX uses patented “Coach By Color Training” from ICG. A small light on the console lights up in different colors to show you your intensity level. Similar to heart rate training, it uses your max watt output level which they refer to as FTP (Functional Threshold Power) to split your effort levels into different color-coded zones.

You can input a few stats to get an estimate of your FTP or take one of the FTP tests which are a little more accurate. You access the color training in the Power Training mode. We found this type of training to be subtle yet surprisingly motivating and effective.

The Ride CX is also Bluetooth enabled so you can connect to third party apps like Zwift and the ICG Training App. You can also use your phone/tablet to read/watch content of your choosing as well.

The overall construction of the Life Fitness Ride CX bike is really solid and sturdy. The saddle is narrow and lightly padded which is great for longer rides, and the handles offer a wide variety of grip options. I also really like how they feel, and they’re a little bit slimmer and easier for me to grip.

The Ride CX has a weight capacity of 330 lbs so it can handle larger users. It also has 4 adjustment points to get the perfect bike fit. The handles and seat can be moved up/down and forward/back. It has a wide leg span and reach so it can accommodate taller and shorter riders. It also has hybrid pedals which makes it more user friendly.

The rear flywheel is really light at 7.6 lbs compared to other bikes that have flywheels that weigh over 20 lbs. Flywheels under 10 lbs can be friendlier on the joints because they require less effort to get the flywheel to move and stop. They’re also great for riding for long periods of time.

The rear flywheel is also less prone to damage and corrosion from sweat since it is out of the sweat zone and less likely to be sweat on while riding. This makes it a little less maintenance than bikes with front flywheels.

The Ride CX uses magnetic resistance and is a really smooth and comfortable ride. If you’re looking for a straightforward bike that you can log a lot of miles on, check out the Life Fitness Ride CX exercise bike.

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