Keiser M3 vs M3i Indoor Bike – Review & Comparison

Key differences between the 2018 Keiser M3 and the upgraded Keiser M3i. Please visit or call (888) 909-2453 for more info.

First up we have the Keiser M3 – which revolutionized the industry as it was one of the very first commercial bikes to combine the whisper quiet belt-drive, maintenance-free magnetic resistance, and built-in power meter with console that comes standard direct from the factory. With it’s non-traditional look, Keiser was the first manufacturer to place the flywheel in the rear, taking it out of the “sweat zone,” which allows for lower overall maintenance and can prevent more serious issues from developing over time.
This lightweight flywheel is powered by a commercial-strength Poly V Belt for a whisper quiet ride, with a built-in power sensor that sends real-time metrics directly to the on-board console so riders can follow their cadence, distance, resistance level, time, and Power/or Watts output.
The M3 comes with a 4-way adjustable seat plus handlebar adjustments to allow riders to find the proper fit, and the standard dual-sided pedals allow for regular athletic shoes as well as SPD cleat attachments.
Moving up from the M3, we find the top of the line Keiser M3i. One of the highest customer-rated Indoor bikes, the M3i uses the M3 as a template, but takes it to the next level with advanced ergonomics and technology. The “I” in M3i stands for intelligent, as the built-in console is designed with Bluetooth, allowing users to connect to their personal tablet or smart phone and track their progress as their metrics feed directly into their favorite fitness app. Users can place their own tablet into the Media Tray that now comes standard for the M3i, and stream their favorite training videos or entertainment.
The advanced butterfly-style handlebars are more ergonomically designed and allow for a greater number of hand positions, and an added independent fore/aft handlebar adjustment gives the M3i a user height range of 4’10- 7’, accommodating a wider range of users and allowing for the perfect fit.
Both the M3 and M3i have become well known for their quick and easy resistance lever, which is placed directly in front of the rider and displays a resistance range up to 24 gears. New stretch pads have been designed into the base of the frame to facilitate post-workout stretching, and customers can choose between a Black or Platinum color scheme…(read more)

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