Joroto X2 Review – Unboxing, Building + NEW TAILHAPPY SCORE!

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Introducing the brand new TailHappy Score in this video!

This is the Joroto X2 indoor cycling bike. In this video I unbox, build, and review the Joroto X2 with the brand new TailHappy Score. chapters:
Introducing the TAILHAPPY SCORE!
0:00 intro

1:01 first look at each component
1:17 handlebars
1:57 stem adjustability
2:57 seat post
3:34 seat
4:43 mobility and feet
4:58 screen first look
5:12 pedals
5:45 dad jokes
6:43 resistance knob
6:56 flywheel
7:17 style
7:52 parts to build
8:05 how to build
9:40 dad jokes and first ride
11:43 metrics observations
12:37 resistance observations
13:13 clicking noise explanation
13:57 max resistance
14:57 magnets view
15:14 knob turns
15:44 my thoughts and opinions
18:00 my settings
18:19 minimum settings
18:36 measurements on minimum config
19:26 flywheel radius
19:48 chain stay measurement
20:11 TailHappy Score

As you probably know I have quite a few indoor cycling bikes and I’ve been trying to come up with a system on how to rank and score these bikes, so I created the TailHappy Score and in this video I introduce it for the first time and I give the Joroto X2 a tailhappy score. This Joroto x2 review shows the max resistance, and a lot of other details about this popular peloton alternative bike.

Overall I think the Joroto X2 is a pretty solid option and there are a lot of things I like about it which I point out in this review and in my Tailhappy score explanation…(read more)

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