JLL ic300 PRO VS. ic400 PRO Bike Review: What's The Difference?

JLL ic300 PRO VS. ic400 PRO Bike Review: What’s The Difference? Today we are going to review two popular bikes: JLL ic300 PRO VS. ic400 PRO Bike.

Check out JLL ic300 PRO:

Check out JLL ic400 PRO:

So, the main difference between these bikes is the flywheel weight
The ic400 has a flywheel that weighs 48.5lbs compared to ic300’s 40lbs. The heavy flywheel offers more resistance because of its weight hence a more challenging workout for you. This also enables the ic400 to offer a more realistic simulation of the regular outdoor bike compared to the ic300. The JLL ic300 Pro’s compact design accommodates people who weigh up to 287lbs while the ic400 is a bit more advanced and accommodates people weighing up to 330lbs…(read more)

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