It’s Okay To … Do Many Things At Runtastic

Onboarding at Runtastic (or probably at every company) can be rather overwhelming at times: loads of information from all kinds of sources and people makes it tricky to keep an overview. And to learn about a company’s culture. 

Inspired by the famous Liz & Mollie, authors of “No Hard Feelings. The Secret Power Of Embracing Emotions At Work”, we decided to provide a little more guidance on the inofficial stuff that is good to know from the very first day: 

Things which Runtastics, who have worked here for a while, take for grantedThings which are helpful but nobody thinks about actually telling youThings which you eventually find out on accidentallyCrowdsourcing during our Days of New Ideas

Almost every quarter, we dedicate two days to innovation. Well, that’s not true, because we dedicate our daily work to innovation (it is one of our core values after all). However, during our Days of New Ideas – or DONI, as we lovingly call them – we get together and do nothing but innovate. Preferably on topics that are not part of our daily business, with people with whom we don’t work on a regular basis.

So, a while back a diverse group of Runtastics teamed up to create an “It’s Okay List” which we could display in our…

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