Intuitive Eating >> 10 Principles of a Mindful Diet

Imagine a world in which you could forget dieting and calorie counting and still reach your healthy weight. With intuitive eating you can eat what you want, without rules or forbidden foods. You learn how to practice mindful eating and listen to your body telling you when to eat and when you’re full. 

What is intuitive eating? 

Intuitive eating is when you listen to your body and the signals it’s sending you. This gentle nutrition is all about self love. The model for intuitive eating was developed in 1995 by two dieticians in California, Evelyn Tribole and Elyse Resch. 

We were all born eating intuitively. Young children are a great example of this. They eat when they’re hungry and stop when they’re full. The amount they eat changes almost every day. One day they want two servings at lunch and on the next they’re full after just a few bites.

The older we get, the less mindful we are about food. In childhood we learned that we had to clean our plate or behave ourselves if we wanted dessert. We learned that there are good foods and bad foods. And the result of these lessons? As adults, when we eat “good” foods we feel good about ourselves. But if we eat “bad” foods, we feel guilty about it. The goal of…

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