The Inspire IC1.5 indoor cycle from costco is a popular DIY Peloton alternative, but COSTCO also has two other indoor cycling bike choices that many people use as a peloton bike alternative. I have full reviews on the other 2 indoor bikes offered in costco stores, the Proform Tour de France CBC, and the Echelon EX4s.
Proform Tour de France review:
Echelon EX4s video:
Echelon ex4s vs Costco Proform:

Peloton vs echelon ex4s:
things i hate about echelon ex4s:
Peloton vs Proform Costco bike:


Joroto X2:

The prices range from $385 for the Proform, to about $500 for the Inspire IC1.5, up to $1000 for the Echelon EX-4s if it’s not on sale. Mostly in this video I talk about how the inspire compares to the Proform and the Peloton bike, because the proform costco bike is most similarly priced to the Inspire ic1.5.

In general I think the Inspire ic1.5 is better then the Proform tour de france for a DIY peloton option because the Inspire can be operated completely independent from any proprietary software or screens. The resistance knob on the inspire ic1.5 is a traditional magnetic resistance controlled by a physical mechanism so you don’t have to rely on batteries or power from an outlet for the resistance to work.

I have timestamps for this video to help you navigate to the information you need.
0:00 important
1:06 unboxing
1:51 first observation
2:18 component analysis
3:51 similarity to Proform
4:32 assembly comments
5:00 peloton copycat
7:29 adjustability comparison
9:35 drive train comments
10:52 comparing costco bikes
13:47 drive train feel
14:55 resistance range
16:07 peloton max compare
16:45 seats compare
17:32 handlebars
18:06 max weight
18:28 THE APP
19:19 metrics
21:41 accuracy comments
22:40 On Demand ride
25:05 final thoughts

Is the inspire ic1.5 the “best” DIY peloton alternative? Well, that remains to be answered, I think it is the best of the 3 costco bikes, but the echelon ex-15, joroto x2, and the sunny 1805, as well as the schwinn ic4 are also great options, and if you want to order a bike online or don’t have a costoco membership these are particularly good choices.

We also look at the Inspire ic1.5 app in this video. The bike gives all the important metrics such as cadence, power, and resistance. The max resistance of the inspire ic1.5 is equal to about 65ish on the peloton bike plus based on my testing.

let me know if you want a full inspire ic1.5 peloton conversion chart for the resistance.

The echelon ex-4s is a nicer machine then the inspire ic1.5 but it is also much more expensive and comes with a 10 inch screen. the resistance on the echelon costco bike is stronger then the other two costco indoor bikes and it is also digitally controlled, meaning it will not work if it’s not plugged into an outlet. The echelon ex4s is a good option if you wan to join echelon and commit to it, but probably not the greatest bike to make a diy peloton and use the peloton digital app due to the 10 inch screen being mounted to the bike. fyi, this is not a spin bike it is an indoor exercise bike…(read more)

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