I Used to Think I Was an Introvert

11 Feb I Used to Think I Was an Introvert

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by Natalie Jill

I Used to Think I Was an Introvert

Thinking I was an introvert was my excuse that justified my need to be in control … and control is an illusion. Let me explain…

A few years ago I had convinced myself that it was “responsible” for me to say NO to all things… I cancelled and turned down invites from friends, from business connections, from mentors…. Why? So I could get more done on my to do list?!?! (Btw “to do list” never ever end. They are never done and they always grow)

I was a hard NO to invites.

Time to chat?To have fun?To meet new epic people?To vacation?To go to a party?


“Who has time for that?!” I’d think.

I had more “important” things to do.

I was being “productive” and I weirdly believed that saying yes was a weakness. Jeepers as I write this I realize how ridiculous that sounds.

I believed saying YES was a distraction. I believed that if I would say no to more , that I would get more done. Hey isn’t that what the productivity coaches say? I even convinced myself I was an…

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