Feeling very hungry after your workout? Regular workouts can boost your metabolism and increase your hunger.

Although the effect of exercise on post-workout food choices has been scientifically proven, it shouldn’t serve as an excuse to pig out afterwards on burgers, fries and pizza.(1,2) We often overestimate the number of calories burned and we end up eating more after the gym than our bodies need to build muscle. Or we eat the wrong things.

So how can you avoid binging after your workout? Check out these 5 expert tips:

Hungry After Workouts? 5 tips to Stop Binging

1. Think twice about the calories you burned

Did you really burn the same number of calories as there are in a big bowl of ice cream on your leisurely 5K run?

We usually underestimate the calories consumed through food and overestimate the number of calories burned by exercise. Stay realistic when it comes to choosing post-workout foods.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with having ice cream once in a while. But a full meal with complex carbohydrates, high-quality protein and good fats is a better choice after a hard workout. Or how about a healthy post-workout snack?

Need more ideas on what to eat when you’re hungry after a workout? Check out this nutrition guide…

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