How To Speed Up Muscle Growth

How To Speed Up Muscle Growth

A lot of people exercise to lose weight, but your goal might also be
to speed up muscle growth. It’s a common target among impatient
bodybuilders who want to see the results of training as soon as

Although it’s not an easy task, it is doable if you follow a carefully-designed series of steps. We prepared for you a list of 13 tips on how to maximize muscle growth in record time, so keep reading to see how it’s done!

Use heavier weights

The first tip is a no-brainer. If you want to grow your muscles, you have to increase your max weights in the gym. It’s like trying to write a better custom essay – instead of hiring dissertation help experts, you need to practice and train your brain more severely every day. The same goes for bodybuilding – muscles need a serious challenge in order to pump up and the only solution is to make them work harder.

Make a plan

The fact that you should use heavier weights doesn’t mean you should go all-in immediately. On the contrary, you must make a plan of work and gradually increase your maxes. Most professionals would tell you to increase weights by 10% periodically, so…

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