The worst enemy of every runner: foot blisters. They are one of the most common injuries that occur when running. A blister on your foot can really take the fun out of running, turning every step into sheer agony.

How do blisters form?

Blisters on the feet are formed by repeated rubbing between the sock, the running shoe and the skin of the foot. The main causes of friction are sharp seams, wrinkled socks or ill-fitting insoles or running shoes. If the skin is irritated (for example, by rubbing) for a long period of time, fluid will collect under the skin, forming a blister. Severe damage to the skin can even lead to blood blisters. These sore spots, depending on their size and intensity, are usually so painful that they make normal running virtually impossible.

First aid for Running blisters

If you notice while you are running that a blister is forming on your foot, you should probably end your workout early. This is the only way to keep the blister from getting worse or even infected. Plus, if it hurts to put weight on your foot, this will affect your running style and can potentially lead to painful compensation patterns.

If blisters appear during a race or a running event, there is only one thing you can do: grin and bear it!…

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