How to Prepare for a 10k Run: Beginner

Preparing for a 10k run (6.2 miles) isn’t hard and doesn’t take a long time. In fact, it’s possible to prepare for a 10k run in as little as two weeks. There is a difference between finishing a 10k run and racing a 10k run. Finishing a 10k run may be a big achievement for some runners. More advanced runners might be looking to set a new personal best (PR). Both goals require different preparation strategies.

Keep reading to learn how to prepare for a 10k run whether it’s the first one or the hundredth one!

How to Prepare for a 10k Run (in just two weeks)

The following guide is designed to get someone with some running experience to the start line in good enough shape to finish a 10k. Walking breaks may be needed during the run depending on personal fitness level and running experience. This guide is not designed to help athletes race a 10k in a fast time (skip to the end if that’s a goal).

1. Run Several Workouts at Race Pace

With only two weeks, it isn’t possible to make any big physiological adaptations to your body. Nevertheless, it is still a good idea to run several intense workouts at the desired race pace  to develop a feel for running at a fast pace.

2. Get in one last hard workout

Do one last high-intensity…

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