How to Maintain a Healthy Diet during Challenging Circumstances

How to Maintain a Healthy Diet during Challenging Circumstances

With most of the world being self-isolated and a part of it being under quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic, everyone’s staying at home most of the time. The boredom, routine, stress, and anxiety might be the cause of overeating. During times of crisis, we mostly turn to comfort food and other unhealthy dietary habits. By the time this lockdown time passes, you might gain some weight and the unhealthy habits could affect your immunity and overall health. 

So, if you want to stay in good shape and remain healthy during this, or any other, challenging circumstance, here are some tips that will help you with that. 

Plan ahead

It’s easy to get lost in the endless day inside your home. So, what do you do then? One option is to reach for the fridge and prepare a hefty meal. And two hours later, you can grab a chocolate from your secret stash. If this becomes a daily routine, it can end poorly for your health and fitness. 

To avoid these “eating tantrums,” create daily menus for the entire week and include the in-between meals or snacks, such as nuts and seeds. Go beyond just…

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