How to Lose Weight (Without Dieting): 5 Rules of Weight Loss

Ugh, it’s time for yet another attempt at losing weight.

For some, losing weight is as simple as just looking at a vegetable.

For the rest of us mere mortals, it feels like running through quicksand.

Fortunately, helping people lose weight in a way that doesn’t suck is what we do!

And gosh darnit, we’re really good at it: we have thousands of success stories and 1 million+ people tune in each month for advice on this stuff. 

We help our Online Coaching Clients lose weight without dieting, and these are the exact tactics we use.

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Why Diets Don’t Work

If you’re reading this guide, you probably:

Have gone on a diet in the past.
Are on a diet right now. 

From popular ideas like the Paleo Diet to Keto, or Plant-Based (no prob) to Intermittent fasting (I do it), to terrible ideas like the Military Diet, juice cleanses, or the Cabbage Soup Diet, we’re all looking for that master key that unlocks effortless weight loss.

Some of these diets are certainly more effective/healthy than others, but they…

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