How to Choose the Best Sports Bra to Avoid Breast Pain

by Pauline Six

Finding the right sports bra is an important decision for all women runners, though it can sometimes feel like searching for holy grail. The top consideration is to find something with the perfect balance of comfort and fit. Next on the list – it’s gotta look and feel great. Bottom line: wear something that will provide maximum support to help you get the most out of your run. 

Breasts and running 

During physical activity such as running, the breast moves horizontally and vertically. This movement causes pressure that leads to discomfort. Runners with larger breasts often experience more discomfort than those with smaller breasts. Regardless of size, we all want to find the best sports bra possible with the adequate support. 

Breast injuries: 

Fortunately, running is not a high risk sport for breast injury (unless you aren’t paying attention and run into a mailbox or something). And while that is true, during any type of exercise our breasts are more susceptible to direct trauma. The most common type of breast trauma is bruising or chafing. 

In the event of any kind of injury to your breasts, consult a doctor to receive a proper examination.  

In the meantime let’s put our energy where it…

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