One thing that most companies struggle with is how to do internal communications. Or rather, how to best share information to the relevant target group.

Even though we are far from perfect, we have established a few formats that have proved helpful to Runtastic. These methods help us distribute correct information to the right audience on time.

First and foremost, we try to be interactive where possible. We have established quite a few meetings—most of which are voluntary for everyone—so that we all stay informed about what’s happening.

Company-wide All-Hands Meeting

Like many other tech companies, we gather all Runtastic team members once a month to share the most relevant company-wide information. Most importantly, we start by celebrating new Runtastics, promotions and family updates. Each meeting has a focus topic where team members (the experts, after all) share valuable insights. 

Management Q&A 

We have dedicated an additional monthly hour to a Q&A with our Management team. The Management team answers whatever Runtastics have on their heart: be it product strategy-related topics or questions about people-related decisions. 

Apart from these company-wide meetings, a few areas (like Marketing or Tech) also share their…

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