How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Fitness

Did you know that you can improve your mindfulness skills anytime, anywhere—even while working out? In fact, incorporating mindfulness into your training can significantly improve your fitness and athletic performance. Staying in the right mindset is critical for athletes to overcome obstacles and challenging moments during a game, race, or even a particularly brutal training session. Yet while most athletes train their bodies for game day, very few actively train their minds. Here’s what mindfulness is, how you can improve your skills, and a specific mindfulness approach you can incorporate into your daily routine (and workouts)! 

What is Mindfulness, Really? 

Being mindful and practicing mindfulness means improving three key skills—concentration, clarity, and coolness. Concentration, the first mindfulness skill, is your ability to pay attention to whatever you want for however long you want. Clarity, the second mindfulness skill, helps you to experience what’s going on in real-time—to notice details of the experience. Being mindful helps you be equally open to pleasant and unpleasant experiences without trying to suppress unpleasant experiences or clinging to pleasant ones. When you are fully aware of the present,…

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