Meet Brent, a member of Nerd Fitness Coaching who just found out he no longer needs blood pressure medication.


Oh, and he’s also celebrating losing over 35 pounds.


What’s crazy is that he did it all in about six months…which is BONKERS!

However, it hasn’t all been smooth sailing for Brent.

He had done the New Year’s resolution dance quite a few times…but always seemed to fizzle out.

“I didn’t know what I was doing,” Brent admits.

However, instead of going through the same “start and stop” pattern again, Brent decided to do something different – he decided to ask for help!

Let’s find out how it went.


#1) Brent Started Exercising in a Way He Enjoyed

“When I joined the coaching program, my coach asked me a novel question:

What exercise do I actually enjoy doing?

I hadn’t thought about it before – I always figured I’d just have to slog through my workout.

I admitted to my coach that I enjoyed running, so we quickly built a program around doing 5ks.”

Takeaway: Half the secret of getting in shape is moving in a way we enjoy.

(The other half is nutrition, but we’ll get to that.)

So when we first start exercising, we should focus on what excites us!

Like walking?…

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