Helpful Tips for Choosing Quality Supplements

Helpful Tips for Choosing Quality Supplements

Today, you can find supplement options for virtually any ailment you have. When you are ready to invest in supplements to help improve your health and wellbeing, trying to choose, the right one is often overwhelming. Dosage, cost, and brand all play a part, but you may wonder what else matters. To know for sure, consider the quality considerations listed below.

Efficiency and Quality

When looking at minerals and vitamins, there are several forms to choose from, but not all brands use the same ingredients in their product. An example of this is magnesium. You can find it in the form of magnesium citrate, magnesium taurate, magnesium sulfate, magnesium chloride, and more.  

Magnesium sulfate, more commonly known as Epsom salts, is helpful for constipation but must be taken with caution because it can have a laxative effect. While this is a common type of magnesium, research has shown it is quickly excreted through the kidneys and hard to assimilate. The impact of magnesium baths last longer when magnesium chloride is used rather than magnesium sulfate because it is easier metabolized in the body.

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