Heel Strike, Toe Strike, and Posture

Walking is one of the most accessible and gentle ways to increase cardiovascular fitness. As previously covered on the adidas Runtastic blog, there’s undeniable benefits to hitting that daily step count (including weight loss). And, unlike many other sports, walking does not require special tools. However, improper walking form and technique can lead to minor injury and strain. If left untreated, these problems can impact more than an evening stroll. Here is advice for correct walking technique.

Toe Strike Or Heel Strike — Which Is Better?

Few things are as exciting in life as seeing a child walk for the first time. Noticeably, toddlers tend to favor walking on their tiptoes or on the balls of their feet. This is due to the fact that their anatomy is not yet as developed as that of an adult. According to OrthoInfo, most children begin walking on their heels around age two. 

Walking with a heel strike versus a toe strike impacts the body differently. Here’s how:

Heel striking: Heel striking describes the action of your heel making contact with the ground first, followed by the ball of your foot, in a continuous rolling motion. This method of walking or running has become natural for us over time because it requires minimal…

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