Healthy Weight Loss: How to Do It

You’ve been trying for weeks to get rid of those last few pounds, but you just can’t seem to shed them. You’ve already cut way back on calories – which might be the reason why the scale isn’t going down. If you want to achieve lasting, healthy weight loss, it’s not just about eating enough, but also about eating right.


Regular meals give you energy

Your body needs sufficient energy to maintain all your body functions, immune system and metabolism. Your body gets this energy from the calories in the food you eat (Note: calories aren’t the only thing that matters!).

If you restrict your calorie intake too much for a long period of time, your body will start to get the energy it needs from other places. This will cause you to feel weak. Daily tasks can prove to be quite strenuous because your body is using all the calories it can get to simply maintain its basic functions. In this situation, you won’t have any energy left for a HIIT workout at home or a long distance run.


How many calories do you need per day?

Your personal calorie requirements depend on your basal metabolic rate and your physical activity level. What is basal metabolic rate? It is the number of calories your body burns at rest during a 24-hour…

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