Hello friends, I’m back after a long hiatus and I’m happy to inform you that I’m taking my health and weight loss v seriously now 💪🏽

I’ve tried going to the gym but I’ve only lost money so a home workout is best for me which is why I got the cultbike!

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You can also use the cult app and use my coupon code – NewYearFitMe

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It’s basically a spinning bike that helps me do cardio at home. (Boyfriend’s house but I make it home 🥰)

Aakash is also using it cause it’s a smart family fitness equipment and also causes he just likes hogging my stuff (it’s his gift but you’ve already seen the logic I gave)

I would recommend it 10/10 for sure if you’re a person like me considering getting fit in the coming year. Especially if you are looking to lose those december calories (you know what i mean)

So, no more excuses for this new resolution of 2022, just hop on to the cuktbike and travel far in your fitness journey and not anywhere else. Stay home, stay safe!

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