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What is VZfit?
VZfit is an add-on for stationary bikes that motivates exercise using the power of VR on the Oculus Quest & Go. Play virtual sports and activities that exercise your legs and brain together to get a cardio workout every day without realizing it!

What comes with it?
The VZfit System comes with a wireless crank sensor and thumb controls that attach to your stationary bike in 5 minutes, and two applications for your Oculus Quest and Go. VZfit Play is our existing collection of games optimized for mobile VR, and redesigned for better workouts, head-to-head challenges, and online events. VZfit Explorer is a new application that allows you to ride anywhere in the world in VR. You supply the stationary bike and Oculus Quest or Go VR system.

Where can I take it?
VZfit and the Oculus Quest and Go were designed for portability and quick setup. So you can get VirZOOM workouts anywhere that has a stationary bike: your home, gym, office, or hotel.

Can I develop applications for VZfit
Yes, we provide a free VZfit SDK for Unity, that works with our Sensor Kit and original VirZOOM Bike. We place no restrictions or fees on applications you can make and sell with it, but you and your customers will need to have a VZfit premium membership to play them.

Fun Fact, The old version of the hardware was used to make a Steam VR Game called ‘Special Delivery’

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