Glenlivet’s Caribbean Reserve Is a Rum-Finished Bargain for Your Bar

Rum-finished whiskey lovers are going to want to make it a priority to get their hands on the latest release from the Glenlivet: Caribbean Reserve.

The affordable new bottle, which is out today, is a non-age statement bottling of Glenlivet single malt, finished selectively in former Caribbean rum casks before bottling. The whisky is, according to Glenlivet, “sweet and smooth… with hints of tropical fruits, honey and cinnamon.”

Rum cask finishes are becoming a standard among the biggest names in Scotch whisky. While Balvenie, for instance, has long had the 14-year-old expression of Caribbean Cask in its core line, other brands have since joined, including last year’s release of Dewar’s Caribbean Smooth, which was also released as an affordable scotch whisky aimed at the cocktail market.

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Just a handful of new Glenlivet’s products have hit shelves in the last decade. The strategy for the last few years has, for the most part, tended toward impactful, but limited releases, including the cryptically designed Alpha and Cipher bottles, which were intentionally mysterious in their makeup.

So a permanent, affordable addition to the core line is a welcome treat for the brand’s…

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