“Can I get rid of my man boobs quickly and naturally?”

Awkward phrase? Sure.

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Today, let’s tackle the “moobs” situation head-on by covering all of the following in this MASSIVE guide:


What are “Man Boobs”?

Let’s chat about some medical definitions, because it’ll help us put “man boobs” in some proper context.

Gynecomastia is defined as the benign growth of the male breast glandular tissue. The National Institute of Health states it’s usually caused by “increased estrogen activity, decreased testosterone activity, or the use of numerous medications.[1]”
Pseudogynecomastia is when male breasts are enlarged by fat deposits, due to an increase in body fat which distributes itself on one’s body according to genetics.

Most men who struggle with “man boobs” or “moobs” are in this second…

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