For most people, the hardest part of any new hobby, habit, or lifestyle change is just getting started. Progressing from walking to running is no exception. 

Even expert running coaches like Sascha Wingenfeld understand the trepidation of starting a new running regimen. He urges would-be runners to “keep in mind that the first step is always the hardest!” He advises folks to think of running as a ‘new start.’ 

New runners should try being non-judgmental and curious about the habituation process. “A few guidelines can help you avoid beginner’s mistakes and thus achieve your running goals,” says Sascha. 

Read on to see Sascha’s advice. Plus, see our workout plans for motivation, endurance and speed, or download a blank template and create your own!

Here are the five best tips for running to walk, plus our training plans:

Run, Walk, Run: Interval Training

If it’s not possible to run the whole distance right from the beginning, then run and walk. Start off by breaking a run up into short intervals of running and walking. Stick to the training plan’s miles, time, and intensity, but feel free to intercept particularly hard workouts with walk breaks.

“This way you reduce the overall intensity and minimize the…

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