Your whole body is sore, you’ve got tight quads and calves, a stiff neck or joint pain after your workout? Yesterday’s bodyweight training or your running session must have been a bit too intense.

To avoid or ease sore muscles and tightness, proper stretching is absolutely essential. Relaxation and recovery are just as important as the training itself. The best way to help your body is with the right stretching and foam roller exercises.    

Foam rolling what is it exactly?

Fascia is the muscular connective tissue of the body: It holds everything together and acts as an elastic shock absorber. Fascia training with a foam roller or a Blackroll, therefore, plays an important role after your full body workout. Sometimes, intense bodyweight training or a tough running session causes the fascia to dehydrate. As a result, the fascia loses its elasticity and binds down, making the body more prone to injury. 

Regular foam roller exercises…

…relax the deep tissue, loosening up and restoring flexibility to the muscles. 

The best times to do foam roller exercises are shortly before your workout and right afterwards, although then it should be slower and longer. Focus on the following body parts:

1. Thigh

Numerous squats and…

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