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10 Jul Finding Confidence

THIS IS NOT A RECENT PICTURE of me below. But when I found it this morning the memories and feelings of the day it wastaken came flooding back.

The day was so significant because it was the day I became confident and the day I became CERTAIN that deciding, declarations, and habits works. It’s the day I KNEW that changing our thoughts and actions changes our lives.

You see, I had set a “crazy ridiculous impossible goal” that friends literally laughed at and I had done it. The goal was first to get healthy and out of my depression. Then to “fitness model” which was random but I was 39 here btw so that goal was a stretch and I wanted to prove I could do it!And then that goal became so much more:

I wanted to become a great mom
I wanted to help others
I wanted to Start a business from scratch
I wanted to make a difference
I so badly wanted to find my soul mate
I really wanted to rite a book (now have two best sellers)
And so much more…

I learned and KNEW on the day this photo was shot that every and all goals are possible and that with CONFIDENCE comes the motivation and energy to go for even more. Fast forward ALL of those things game to fruition and MORE!


Ladies- I…

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