Fighting for Equality Through History

Have you ever dreamed of running a marathon? Perhaps you’ve imagined yourself gloriously crossing the finish line after months of training, collecting your medal and collapsing into the arms of your supporters. 

Not too long ago, this powerful moment was not possible for women. In 1967, Kathrine Switzer became the first woman in history to run the Boston Marathon as a numbered entrant. She managed to slip through registration by disguising her gender, signing up as “K.V. Switzer”. She was tackled mid-race by a trainer in street clothes who objected to a woman participating in the race. She dusted herself off and ran on.

What’s holding you back?

Barriers for women in running and other sports still exist on many levels. Often these are external, such as a lack of options for girls in athletic programs, sexual harassment, or safety issues, like running alone. And many barriers for female athletes are internal or have been internalized. Have you ever felt that you had the wrong body for sports? Too skinny, too heavy, too weak, too slow? Did you shy away from sports because you felt like it wasn’t feminine? 

Some of these issues affect men and others are more specific to women-athletes. It’s tough to get motivated to get…

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